Our Story
Danbury Auto Spring and Welding was founded in 1960 by Paul Leili an immigrated to American with a dream of a better life in his teens and created a thriving family business now three generations strong.
Founded in 1960 by Paul Leili, who came to America with a Dream in May 1950

Paul and his family were among the passengers crowded onto the deck of a boat steaming into the New York harbor in May 1950 in search of a better future.  “It was something you can’t describe,” Paul remembered of seeing the Statue of Liberty and all that it represents. “It was freedom. You can’t describe it in words. It’s something lifted from your shoulders, something you can’t imagine. It’s freedom.  It may have seemed an inauspicious start to his life in America, but he was able to see the American Dream! The Leili family settled in New York City, where he became a Blacksmith. On weekends, he and his family would travel to Connecticut where he visited the Danbury area and liked the town.  Being a Blacksmith, it was during this time when he was noticing that there were no spring shops in Danbury.
After some research he found that in a 30-mile radius there were no spring shops in any direction, "I didn't want to raise kids in the city, so the only thing I can do was start a business of my own” Paul said. “I had 10 years experience then, and wanted to see what I could put together.”

Leili began scouting around Danbury for a building in which to start a business repairing and installing automobile and truck springs. “I went to different automotive businesses and asked them what they thought about having a spring shop in the area,” he said. The response was positive enough for him to continue after he found a building on Mill Plain Road, in what was then a relatively undeveloped stretch of road on the city’s west side and in 1960 started Danbury Auto Spring and Welding Inc. 

As time went by he added more an adjoining 7,500-square-foot shop with seven overhead doors to accommodate the trucks to the what became known in the family as "The Shop"  so they could work on large trucks.  

Fifty years later, the family business is still going strong, operated and run by Paul's children Ed and Karin – 2nd generation Leili's, who have now brought their children into the business to carry on this custom trade and continue the business into the 3rd generation.

We still make and repair springs the old fashioned way along with complete suspension, front-end and brake work along with everything in between.  We consider ourselves a one-stop shop for all your repair needs for generations to come.

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